My First Portfolio Pictures

I am finally getting to style someone for my portfolio! It is my first time doing this, mind you. It took a lot of organizational skills in order to take account of all my inventory. First of all, I found my collection of fashion or inspirational pictures that I have been saving on to my computer since 2007! I can’t believe it, but I still get inspired by them. I took iPhone pictures of the pictures stored on my USB stick. It brought back memories! I have over 2,000 pictures just on my USB. My computer works slow, I think because of the 8,000 pictures stored on it. I have so many pictures and styles that inspire me that it’s a little overwhelming for my computer.

Styled By Tiwinkle

Going through my pictures helped me get an idea of the look I wanted. I got inspired by wool fedora hats, gypsy chunky jewelry (got inspired by Dylan and Lex), long coats, and simple clothes. So I’m going for a bohemian yet modernly chic look. I feel blessed! I get to shoot this at my friend’s house in Malibu! I love the ocean and can’t think of a better way to start my portfolio. This really is a sign from The Universe!

Styled By Tiwinkle

I have been a little stressed because I am trying to do a bunch of things all at once, but I finally feel excited since I am going to give something I love a shot. I have been putting this on hold or as a Backup Plan Z because I felt that people wouldn’t take me seriously. I mean I have loved fashion, but I majored in Economics and Philosophy at UCLA. I’m moving from something daunting like the double major I had to something like fashion. I just feel that people don’t take that world as seriously as they take something like finance, law, engineering, or medicine. Nonetheless, I have found a drive that I didn’t have while I was trying out other sorts of jobs. I am finally doing what I love to do for fun without reservations. I hope you find your niche too!

Until then, take care and enjoy!

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